Photo Editing

I started playing around with some photo editing tools recently and discovered it’s pretty easy to make adjustments that can really change the feel of an image. I started with an image drawn of one of my favorite video game characters, the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask. The image was actually bright and depicted a sort of mythical moment. Not to knock the artist, who actually did an amazing job, but it’s not exactly how I pictured the moment depicted.skull-kid

I decided to try to make it a bit more of a tense and dark scene with just some basic editing using Aviary, a free tool available to anyone directly in your browser. I rotated the image and zoomed in, increased the contrast, lowered the brightness, adjusted the focus, and brushed away some of the white flurries floating around. I didn’t fundamentally change the image at all, but I feel like there’s a darker presence in the image now.


It would be so easy to make edits like this to any image at all. Say you need an image of a creepy looking house, but the only one’s that you like are run down houses with images taken during the day. It’s so easy to just make a few edits and voila, you’ve got your creepy house you needed.


Well, Here I am!

I’ve written this first blog post about five times now, just trying to decide how to introduce myself. So, before I decide to start over again, let’s get the awkward introduction over with, shall we?

My Name is Baustin Bowers, a third year English Education Major at UW Platteville. I didn’t start out as an education major though, originally I was a forensic investigation major which is what brought me to Platteville. I feel Like I’m just really getting into my education courses this semester and am loving every one of them.

I plan on blogging about a variety of things. From random topics that pique my interests to education to tech stuff that catches my eye.  This could be anything from Amazon’s echo device to a video game tournament. I’m a huge gamer and as a result I’ll probably share stories, thoughts, or just make a lot of references. Don’t worry though, gaming is far from the main focus of this blog. I want to emphasize education and technology in education in this blog. After all, education is what I want to do with my life.

So why do I want to be a teacher? That’s not the easiest question for me to answer to be entirely honest. I didn’t enjoy school throughout middle school and high school, and English was actually my least favorite subject. My teachers weren’t bad, I actually liked most of them. However they often fell into a pattern of “Read this, write about it, take a test on it.” My college professors quickly showed me that there is a different way to teach English courses. As lame as it may sound I want to be a different kind of teacher to students. I want to be the teacher that brings technology into the classroom to improve learning, but also redefines what students had thought of English classes before. High hopes I know, but I plan on giving it the best I’ve got.

Well, let’s give this a shot…