The SAMR Model

I’ve learned a lot about the SAMR model this year in my Educational Media Applications course. It’s a great model that breaks down usage of technology in education and attempts to increase the usefulness of technology in lesson plans.


The model itself is really pretty simple. Each level of the SAMR model represents a level of change to the education. Substitution being the lowest level and Redefinition being the highest or best level. The model is split in half because it’s at the midway point that technology is really allowing for a change in the education. When coming up with lesson plan ideas this model has always been in the back of my mind.


The above model shows several ideas on how to take existing classroom procedures like taking notes and improving them with technology. Even a simple task like note taking can be improved up to the redefinition level. A power point presentation fits somewhere around the Augmentation level, but one can reach the Redefinition level with collaborative programs like google slides, interactive presentation, and more. There are so many tools that can be used to improve lessons. Many times teachers believe that they can simply use technology as a substitute and it is improving their teachings when it is really not doing much at all. At the Augmentation level there are improvements being made to the quality of learning but once the Modification stage is accomplished the quality of learning has improved quite a bit.


As a avid Coffee drinker this model by Jonathan Brubaker really helped me understand the model more. The irony of this  model is that I actually found it while I was drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte. So I was able to think more clearly, think about how different the flavor is from a black coffee. More importantly I thought about how much better it was. If technology changing a lesson can make a lesson that much better than I’m going to work my hardest to modify or redefine every lesson I’m able to teach.


Photo Editing

I started playing around with some photo editing tools recently and discovered it’s pretty easy to make adjustments that can really change the feel of an image. I started with an image drawn of one of my favorite video game characters, the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask. The image was actually bright and depicted a sort of mythical moment. Not to knock the artist, who actually did an amazing job, but it’s not exactly how I pictured the moment depicted.skull-kid

I decided to try to make it a bit more of a tense and dark scene with just some basic editing using Aviary, a free tool available to anyone directly in your browser. I rotated the image and zoomed in, increased the contrast, lowered the brightness, adjusted the focus, and brushed away some of the white flurries floating around. I didn’t fundamentally change the image at all, but I feel like there’s a darker presence in the image now.


It would be so easy to make edits like this to any image at all. Say you need an image of a creepy looking house, but the only one’s that you like are run down houses with images taken during the day. It’s so easy to just make a few edits and voila, you’ve got your creepy house you needed.