Wait Wait Wait, Not so fast…

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend an education conference in Wisconsin Dells with my instructor Jessica Brogley. Myself and a few other students attended WEMTA and even got to present how to use a green screen effectively. It was such an amazing experience and getting to hear the other speakers and wander through the vendor hall was a great time. I can’t deny I was overwhelmed though. Each one of the presenters had something different that was their own ideas and they wanted to share them, and there were so many great ideas. Each of the presenters I went to I took notes, I visited their websites, and I took down their emails and twitter.

Each of the speakers I attended was geared towards English classes at varying levels. Two presentations in particular, Pernille Ripp and the teachers behind 369digitalsalon.weebly.com,  overwhelmed me with some great ideas on transforming the way and English classroom is taught. My English classes in high school were very dull and didn’t have any sort of workshop environment or any real interaction aside from book reports and maybe a journal. The examples on 369digitalsalon.weebly.com and the ones they presented to us at WEMTA show a lot more engagement by their students while also having students showcase their knowledge even better. Running a book report as a video project or a podcast requires that the students think more and gets their creative juices flowing. Pernille Ripp showcased how she runs book clubs in her classroom, utilized what she calls connected literacy, encouraged teachers to stop using reading levels and labels, and talked about book shopping. She has a blog where she talks about many of her ideas, pernillesripp.com, and I really encourage checking out some of her methods.

So much was covered in such a short time that I feel each of these presenters could have taken up a whole day if they were given the time. I’m really looking into utilizing the podcast idea from 369digitalsalon.weebly.com in a future lesson plan, and have so many ideas for my future classroom from Pernille Ripp.