My Fellow Bloggers…

In case there are some of you reading who I do not know or are not from my Ed Media Apps class, myself along with many other students have all been blogging while working on other technology projects. As such I’ve been reading through my fellow classmates blogs, and while many times we have chosen to talk about similar topics many had interesting posts that were very intriguing to me.

Sara Middledorf’s blog had a post about using the TPack model which broke down the model pretty well. She compared not being in the center of the model to not baking cookies with enough chocolate chips. It’s a silly comparison but it makes sense. Incorporating all the types of knowledge into teaching is like leaving out some of the goodness. Sure you still get a cookie, but you could have a much better cookie with more chips.

Morgan Leverington’s blog was also one I enjoyed reading. She also wrote about about flipped classroom but wrote about different tools than me. The “Explain Everything” app that she brought up seems really cool and I would love to use something like that. She also brought up TEDEd which is a great resource to use as well!

Stephanie Walrack’s blog is another great blog to check out. All of her content is pretty great and her guest blog posts are pretty awesome too. My favorite post she made was about Maker Spaces and how she did one using the green screen. I wish I had been able to host a Maker Space this year like she did!

I highly encourage you to go check out each of these blogs and give them a read. no doubt they will have other blog suggestions for you to explore as well! Hearing everyone’s ideas and thoughts about different tools, education resources, and teaching styles is really cool.


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